Ivan Argote: An Idea of Progress

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Iván Argote’s new work An Idea of Progress includes an ambitious large-scale banner covering the facade of SPACE Mare Street and, in the gallery, a film and series of sculptures. The project is centred on the metaphor of the construction site as a contemporary urban monument to power and progress. The development site—encircled by a glossy hoarding promoting a fictional, inaccessible lifestyle— is presented as the symbol for exploring the complexities of gentrification. This global epidemic is not solely specific to Hackney, but is an on-going issue that has been present within the east London borough since the 1970s.

Conducting interviews with Hackney residents, Argote attempts to discover what might be an actual desirable addition to Hackney. He combines these findings to create an equally fictional structure, yet picturing real and local desires. The depicted building sits in contrast to appropriated images and phrases from current hoardings in Hackney to humorously scrutinise the absurdity of the displays and their associated jargon: what exactly is the ‘future’s future’? Argote’s hoarding at SPACE examines the power and potential in illustrating an alternative and collective development.

Iván Argote (b. Bogotá, Columbia) is based in Paris. His work probes the role of subjectivity within historical, economic, political and moral realms. Through subversive methods and with a distinctly sensual treatment, the artist creates interventions for public space, often further developed into videos, photos and sculptures. The symbol of the public monument reappears as a target to interrogating dominant mechanisms of power and authority. Argote explores the city as a space of transformation and potentiality.

Price: Free

Category: Exhibitions

Speaker: Iván Argote

Time: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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