2014 Myanmar International Agriculture Techniques & Equipment Exhibition

Thank You And See You Next Year

We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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Exhibitors: 250 
Visitors: 11,000 
Floor Size: 10500 

Exhibit Profiles


Agricultural Machinery, Farm Machinery & Equipments
Agricultural / Horticulture Products Mfrs. / Exporters/Traders
Fertilizers/Bio-manure Mfrs. / Exporters/Traders
Agro Chemicals/Pesticides/Insecticides Mfrs
Biotechnology / Tissue culture Laboratories
Irrigation & Water Management
Greenhouses & Equipment Suppliers
Agriculture Seeds Manufacturers / Exporters
Precision Farming Products
Climate Control & Automation Equipment
Planting Material / Seeds
Storage Equipment / Packaging Solutions
Agro bi-products Exporters
Nodal Government Agencies / Department
Farm Management Equipment
Soil Testing Equipment
Post Harvest Handling Equipment
Seed / Grains & Seedlings
Horticulture Supplies
Floriculture & Nursery Industry
Organic Produces
Organic Health Foods
Organic Fruits & Vegetables
Horticulture Produce Processing Technology & Services
Packaging Technology & Services
Animal Husbandry / Dairy / Poultry /Live Stock Companies
Bar code / Ink Coding Technology
Grading & Sorting Machinery
Wrapping, Sealing & Lamination Equipment
Elevator / Conveyors/Rotary Separators
Cold chain Equipment for Perishable Produces
Perishable Cargo Handling
Refrigerated Van & Trucks/ Body Builders
Food Processing Machinery & Equipments
Pack Houses / Warehousing /Surveyors
Digital Temperature Controller & Data Logger
Herbal & Medicinal Plants Exporters / Importer / Traders
Herbal foods products
Plasticulture & Aquaculture
Madicinal & Herbal Plants
Agri Distributors & Stockists

【Water Treatment】

Water Treatment
Water Supply and Services
Water Conservation
Filtration Equipments
Reverse Osmosis Equipments
Irrigation Equipments
Water Pollution Monitoring
Sewage and Sludge Treatment
Packaged Drinking Water
Water Treatment Chemicals
Water Management & Systems
Effluent Treatment
Swimming Pool Equipments
Cooling Towers
Wastewater Management & Recycling
Rainwater Harvesting

2014 Myanmar Agrotech brochure.pdf 2014 Myanmar Agrotech brochure

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