The 10th (Shenzhen) China International Small Motor & Electric Machinery Exhibition

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We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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Exhibitors: 300 
Visitors: 10,000 

July 18-20, 2012 Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre Organizers Wise International (H.K.) Co., Ltd. Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. The Micromotor Branch Association of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association Partners Japanese Electric Motors Association Korea Electrical Manufacturers Association Applied Magnetism Branch of China Institute of Electronics Shengzhou Electric Machinery Industry Association Guangdong Provincial Association for Magnetic Materials Industry Goodwill Exhibition & Promotion Ltd. Concurrent Events • The 10th Shenzhen (China) International Magnetic Materials & Equipments Exhibition • The 3rd Shenzhen (China)Magnet Wire(Enamelled Wire), Insulating materials Exhibition • 2012 The 20th DEX International Electronic & Laser Exhibition • The 18th China International Power Supply & Electronic Transformer Exhibition • Shenzhen International Technology Exchange Seminar on Small Electric Motor Creation • Purchasing Fair for Manufacturors of Brand-new Small Motors Market Profile China has become one of the manufacturing bases of small power motor. The production of small power motor has accounted for more than 60% of the world total. With the updating modern production, the number of housahold appliances and motor vehicles increase steadily, which calls for a greater demand for small power motors . The South China is an important manufacturing base whose market radiates to Hongkong,Taiwan ,southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, occupying a large market share and holding an unlimited business potentials. The Only Professional Exhibition in South China, Jointly Organized by Authoritative Associations and Organizations This exhibition has received support and full participation from China Micromotor Association, Shengzhou Electric Machinery Industry Association, Industrial Association, Shenzhen Motor Association and other motor associations from Taiwan and South Korea .The host -Wise exhibition (Guangdong) com. Ltd takes advantage of their ten years of exhibition experience in the industry and its rich resources to successfully complete the 10 th exhibition with other oraganizations of high reputation. Meanwhile, high quality technology forum , products promotion and friendship meetings will be held. The Exhibition is Chosen by the Market and Clients Shenzhen(China) International Small Motor & Electric Machinery Industry Exhibition has been held successfully for nine sessions. The 9th exhibition is completed in Shenzhen Exhibition Center on June 25th whose data indicates that the number of exhibitors and exhibition area expand by 30% compared with the former one and 75% exhibitors are willing to participate in the 10th exhibition. Wise exhibition (Guangdong) com. Ltd pays great attention to the organization of professional guests and services of the exhibition. Thus, the exhibition gets more and more approval from the clients of the industry. Under the support from all the people concerned, the exhibition is greatly upgraded in scale, quality and quantity of participants. Exhibition Highlights 1. Held together with Many Related Exhibitions to share visitor rescources in electronics industry and to ensure exhibition scale, quantity and quality of the Purchaser The exhibition is held together with the well-known Electronic Exhibition, Small Motor Exhibition, Power Supply Exhibition and Transformer Exhibition, exhibition area covering 80,000 square meters. This can help to facilitate purchasing and attract more purchasers.The imcomparable vistor flow and exhibition effect are specially presented to all exhibitors by the organizers. 2. Abundant Concurrent Events and Forums To enrich the exhibition and to attract more professionals, the exhibition is held together with high-quality technical forums, product presentations, small-motor technology exchange seminar and supplyer-demander friendship meetings during which experts and professors are invited to discuss the small-motor development and to focus on hot topics in this field. 3.Unique organization of professional visitors The key to a successful exhibition is the quality of visitors. The organizer, Wise exhibition (Guangdong) com. Ltd, has set up a committee to build an information centre for pertinent visitor invitation reference. In this exhibition, the following methods are adopted: a. The host has more than 10 years of exhibition organizing experience, accumulated more than two million enterprises’ database. The committee arranges specially-assigned persons to invite pertinent visitors in manufaturing industries of household appliances, small motors, automobiles, office automation, electronics, electric tool, toy, mechanics, CNC machine tool, instrumentation, Medical fitness equipment, Intelligent home furnishing, etc. b. Full interaction with exhibitors are achieved to understand the true demand of users and to invite vistors according to the exhibitor’s needs. C. the organizer, co-organizer and the supporter associations send letters to the member units and related industries, taking advantage of association influence to invite group visitors. d?Invitations and application forms are sent through phone messages, e-mails and faxes to purchasers. e. Invitations and admission tickets are distributed in domestic and overseas exhibitions of the same kind. f?With the co-operation with well-known media, publicity material is distributed and published on print magazines and newspapers. g?The organizer invites purchasers, technicians, and R&D managers in grand enterprises to participate the exhibition. This invitation method is called one-to-one and point-to-point. In addition, The committee arranges specially-assigned persons to invite group visitors from associations, chambers of commerce and academies of this industry. 4. Strong Advertisements and Propaganda Publicity campaign organized by co-operative media advertize the exhibition information and brand image to domestic and overseas markets through multi-channels, making the exhibition well-known. Authoritative media with long-term cooperation give strong reports of the exhibition. Main cooperative magazines and media are: News press and promotion conference are held together to enhance the publicity of the exhibition? 3. Cooperation with Google; advertising on its linked websites to promote the exhibition in width? 4. Outdoor advertisements and promotions are active, such as participation to related exhibitions all over the country. Key Visitors Scope Household electric appliance, electric machinery, automobil manufacturing, office automation and computer peripheral equipment, electric products, digital control machine, automatic equipment, apparatus and instrument, entertainment instrument, compressor, motor toys, motor tools, medical equipment, gymnasium equipment, motor bicycle and motorcycle, artificial intelligent household appliance, mechanic transmission device, financial appliance, Printing and packaging machinery?space flight?electric machinery associations, importer and exporter, all kinds of scientists and executives in this industry. Exhibit Scope & Participation Fee and Services Exhibit Scope Small Motor Zone: Micro Motor, Middle & small Motor, Horsepower motor, Gear reducer, Gear motor, Tubular motor, Shaded-pole motor, Permanent synchronous motor, Servo motor, Stepping motor, Continuous current dynamo, Torque motor, Series excitation motor, Explosion-proof motor, High/Low voltage motor, Special Motor, Vibration motor, Brake motor, Motor for domestic electric appliances, Motor for automobile and electromobile, Motor for factory automation and robots, Motor for electric tools , New technology and patent etc. Electric Machinery Zone: a. All kinds of electrical machine manufacturing equipments: Winding machine, Punch press, Forging and stamping equipment, Mold, Insulation spreading equipment, Commutator lathe finishing and grooving machine, Vacuum equipment, Trough insulating piece insert machine, Spot welder, Magnetizer, Static electricity powder coating machine, Jigs and fixtures etc. b. all kinds of electrical machine testing equipments c. all kinds of electrical machine component & accessories d. all kinds of motor drive and control system equipments Exhibiting Fee Standard Booth Foreign Enterprise Raw Space (min.36?) RMB 8000/9? USD 2200 /9? RMB 850 /? Standard booth features?Three wall boards (2.5 m), carpet, two spotlights, one negotiation desk, two chairs, one wastebasket, fascia board with company name in Chinese and English, one electric socket(only for illumination, additional electricity supply needs to apply) Note: Raw space without any installation Advertising Exhibition Catalogue with exhibitors profile will be distributed in and after the exhibition. Exhibition Catalogue Size: 210mmX142mm Cover?RMB15000 First Page?RMB6000 Back Cover?RMB10000 Inside Front Cover?RMB8000 Inside Back Cover?RMB5000 Important Page?RMB4000 Full Colour Page?RMB3000 Full Black & White Page?RMB2000 Technical Seminar RMB4,000 /hour.Features: Separate Meeting Room, Projector, Microphone, Screen, Writing Board. 24-hour services for security, fire fighting and cleaning. Exhibition Schedulle Move-in:? July 17, 2012 9?00-18?00 Exhibiting?July 18-19, 2012 9?30-17?00 July 20, 2012 9?30-15?00 Move-out? July 20, 2012 15?00-18?00 Organizing Committee Contact:Sandy Wise Exhibition (Guangdong) Co.,Ltd Mobile:13710221629 Tel:+86 20 37599251 Fax: +86 20 37599151 offical website :
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