The Corporate Strategy for IT

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Chris Potts

19-20 November 2013; 1-2 April 2014, London
This seminar and workshop provides a framework for deeply integrating IT with corporate and business strategies, and explores its impact on the organisation’s people, investments, operating costs, Enterprise Architecture, and sourcing decisions. It harnesses the energy of business-led strategies for exploiting IT, to create maximum total value. It also makes transparent the linkages between business decisions and IT costs – often with some very surprising results.

Delegates will learn:
• The promise, key principles and core tactics of a Corporate Strategy for IT
• Exploring and changing the corporate culture towards IT
• Investing in a portfolio of business changes involving IT
• Using Enterprise Architecture to drive business innovation and performance
• Moving to an 'expert IT customer' management model
• The ultimate destiny of the CIO and the IT Department
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