ERM 2015: Driving Performance with a Risk Management Culture

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We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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Conference Overview

Are your people fully engaged in ERM?

The ultimate success of any enterprise risk management (ERM) program depends on how well people actually apply the ERM discipline to their decisions. The innovators have realized the greatest challenge of implementing and sustaining ERM is one of engaging people across the organization.

Have you heard these common questions from decision-makers that may indicate the need for a more risk-aware culture?:

What does ERM mean to me in my role?
How do I participate in ERM?
Can ERM increase value and make a contribution to the business?
How much does ERM cost?
Isn’t risk management just common sense?
How do I know I’m taking the right amount of risk, too much, or not enough?

No matter how advanced your ERM initiatives are, an ERM culture is essential to ensure enterprise-wide application of risk management principles and approaches.

Get practical advice from the experts.

This highly interactive event combines case studies from ERM practitioners, presentations by leading thinkers and business experts, and peer-to-peer discussion opportunities. Find out from top ERM practitioners how to:

use change management techniques to keep ERM fresh and exciting and not merely a checklist or reporting exercise
leverage the link between risk appetite and risk culture to enhance risk conduct and involvement in risk management
move beyond passive reporting to dynamic communication of risk information to the board of directors, senior executives, and front line managers
integrate ERM with strategic and business planning to improve performance
measure the value of ERM and express it in a compelling way, tailored to your business
develop and apply key risk indicators to better anticipate risks and enhance performance
integrate ERM with performance management systems
support innovation and appropriate risk-taking

Meet the public and private sector pioneers and innovators, and discuss how to capture and sustain the full potential value of ERM for your organization. Refine your approach to enterprise risk management, by learning from the experiences of the experts and your peers who have faced the same challenges.
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