FT Innovate America: The Business of Innovation

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Digital disruption is challenging how America’s largest corporations operate and their existing business models. Those looking to innovate quickly must behave more like start-ups, and interaction with small innovative firms is often critical to bringing ideas into the marketplace. As economic pressures continue to increase and new opportunities to create value are sought, what can corporations learn from Silicon Valley and innovative start-ups? How and where can businesses seek innovation, and who with? How is innovation captured, financed and fostered? What metrics need to put into place to determine the success of innovation efforts? And how can innovation transform long-term performance?

FT Innovate America: The Business of Innovation - Bridging the Gap Between Ideas and Impact, to be co-chaired by Richard Waters, West Coast Managing Editor and Andrew Hill, Management Editor at the Financial Times, will bring together leaders in business, government and academic representatives, financiers and start-up entrepreneurs to share their experiences of innovation, the new business models that are being created in the digital era, how innovation is being utilized to enable growth in the American economy, the industry collaborations and investments that will enable corporations to transform business-level innovation, and the US governmental policies and firm-level strategies that will stimulate innovation.
This conference is for:

- CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, CIOs, Heads of Innovation, Heads of M&A, Heads of R&D of large corporations who are investing in innovation, have bought or are thinking of buying innovative start-ups
Investment bankers, angel investors, venture capitalists and private equity firms
Managing Directors and Heads of Corporate Venture Capital Firms
Leading start-ups and entrepreneurs who are disrupting the way large corporations do business
Government and academic representatives involved with innovation stimulation programs
Service providers such as consultants, legal advisers, analysts and M&A specialists

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