Single Cell Genomics

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Single cell genomics is a revolutionary technology transforming many fields of biological research, including immunology and cancer. Through its many applications (e.g. single cell genome sequencing, single cell transcriptomics, and various single cell epigenetic profiling approaches), researchers can characterize the genetic and functional properties of individual cells in their native conditions, leading to numerous experimental and clinical opportunities.

Topics will cover:
Development and stem cells
Epigenomics and chromatin structure
New experimental approaches
Computational techniques

The focus of this year's meeting will be to discuss the various questions that have arrison as the field has developed including the following:
-Which technologies are going to set the standard in the field?
-How many cells needed to be sampled? How should sampling be designed and optimized?
-How can the behaviour of groups of hundreds or thousands of single cells be analysed and modelled?
-What is the importance of modelling when precise single-cell-states are available?
-How can single cell genomics and epigenomics be integrated?
-What are the immediate implications for immunology, cancer research and germ cells?

Bursary Deadline:
5 July 2016

Abstract Deadline:
12 July 2016

Registration Deadline:
2 August 2016

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Category: Conferences | Science, Health & Medicine | Genetic Medicine


Students from: GBP 200
Academics from: GBP 300
Commercial from: GBP 400

Speakers: Ido Amit Weizmann Institute of Science, Sten Linnarsson Karolinska Institute, John Marioni EMBL-EBI/WTSI, Rickard Sandberg Karolinska Institute, Amos Tanay Weizmann Institute of Science, Alexander van Oudenaarden Hubrecht Institute, Arnold Kriegstein University of California, San Francisco, Ben Simons University of Cambridge. Timm Schroeder ETH Zurich, Allon Klein Harvard Medical School, Long Cai California Institute of Technology, Barbara Treutlein Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Maria Kaspar Karolinska Institutet, Ana Pombo Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Biology, Stephanie Hicks Harvard School of Public Health, Peter Fraser Babraham Institute, Bart Deplancke Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Will Greenleaf Stanford University, Sarah Teichmann EMBL-EBI

Time: 12:30 pm - 6:00 pm
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