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We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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Welcome to ICT Expo ~ IT IndoComm 2014

Be it information or communication, networking or gaming, digital audio or video, voice or data transmission, the market potential from and within Indonesia is inevitably immense. The escalating no. of users from the country's vast population and the steady climb of the nation's economy simply testify to its attraction as THE Market to Target.

Trade exhibition is notably recognized as one of the quickest and proven way to introduce or promote a product, an innovation, a new technology, and expound upon business networks and customer contacts to be clinched during the event. Besides the business implication, it is also our interest to present this event as an avenue through which the ICT capillaries of technologies and services could be channeled to meet the fundamental and social needs of the country. Issues such as government legislation, education, health & medicare, environmental & social concerns, just to name a few will in themselves be mind boggling to leverage on the wonders which ICT has to avail to the world we live in these days.

Technologies have a large part to play in all walks of lives. Ranging from air to sea to land, and from the home to workplace to government to social grounds, every trace and trail speaks of ICT and sees how its technologies have blended all aspects of lives together. Mobility and connectivity are the "must have" for both the young and old. Quality of lives will improve with the standard of living when ICT development advances - this being the very focal of Indonesia's development today for the morrow. Translated into business lingo, the country abounds in business opportunities and here's the one and only event for you to tap on.
Visitor Profile

Target Audience will be invited to attend the event from these sectors :

•Banking & Finance
•Carriers, ISPs, Network Operators & Infrastructure Providers
•Consultancy, Engineering, R&D
•Corporate End Users, Distributors & Vendors
•Defense & Ordnance
•Education & Training
•Entertainment & Leisure
•Government & Regulators
•Health & Medicare
•Retailing & CRM
•Software Designers & Developers
•System Integrators & ISPs
•Satellite Network & Service Providers
•Travel & Hospitality
•Warehousing, DCM & Logistics Providers

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Exhibits Profile

Equipment & Devices, Solutions & Software, Facilities & Services, Network & Systems for :

•eGovernment, eCommerce, eLiving, eLearning, eHealth
•Communication & Telecommunication
•Digital Media, eEntertainment, Gaming
•Mobile Applications
•Smartphone and Mobile Content
•Broadband & Internet
•Telepresence & eConferencing
•Cloud Computing & Business Processes
•Wireless, WiMAX, NGN, 4G
•Satellite & Antenna Applications
•Fibre, Cables & Connectivity
•Security - Cyber, Network, Banking
•Power & Transmission

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