Tony Buzan on Mind Mapping for Business

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Tony Buzan on Mind Maps for Business
Tony Buzan
29 November 2013, London

Mind Maps are the ultimate thinking tool to unlock your brainpower. Representing information and ideas in a non-linear manner brings clarity, improves recall and aids prioritisation. If you have lost sight of your organisational goals, or your bigger business picture has become blurred, drawing Mind Maps will provide an overview of the situation that brings clarity and potential to the forefront.
By using Mind Maps in their training courses, major blue chip companies such as Boeing and BP have already found that they can make huge savings - in some cases cutting as much as 80 per cent of their overall expenditure. In addition to increasing the speed and efficiency of learning, Mind Maps overcome the usual memory-loss curve, whereby 80 per cent of the detail you have learnt is forgotten within 24 hours. Reviewing Mind Maps at regular intervals ensures that everything learned is both retained and utilised by your brain.
Delegates will find out how to use Mind Maps to assist them in their business or personal lives in any situation where linear notes would normally be taken and will learn the latest tips and tricks from the originator of the technique.
• Deliver your message so it will be remembered
• Raise your intelligence
• Think clearly, creatively and originally
• Make assertive confident decisions
• Persuade, negotiate and present with impact
• Develop powerful, profitable strategies and plans
• Instantly improve your memory and the memories of those around you
• Solve problems and make confident decisions
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