Protein Folding Conference

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We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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Protein Folding Conference

Zing Conference on Protein Folding

The purpose of the Zing Conference on Protein Folding is to bring together eminent scholars with expertise in experiential and computational studies of protein folding. Protein folding is undoubtedly one of the most basic and challenging problems in modern biology and biomedicine. The scope of the proposed Zing Conference will cover many different fields, such as the nature and principles of protein folding, folding dynamics, the energy landscape theory of protein folding, protein misfolding and the related medical disorders, protein aggregation, intrinsically disordered proteins, and protein structure and dynamics prediction from the amino acid sequence.
Zing Conferences
Zing Conferences
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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