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We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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Now in its 6th year, World ADC Berlin is the industry’s definitive conference for sharing new antibody drug conjugate insights and data. Thought leaders from Pfizer, MedImmune, Genentech, Merck and 40+ others will divulge unpublished, never seen before ADC drug research.

Over 3 days, 60+ sessions will cover every aspect of ADC drug development from discovery, preclinical, clinical and marketisation giving you an unparalleled opportunity to gain insights and advance your ADC program. Make sure you keep pace with the latest advancements and develop the next generation of therapeutically successful ADCs.

Join 300+ industry experts at the definitive ADC learning forum and:

Understand how Seattle Genetics developed high-DAR ADCs with superior in vivo performance using an innovative linker design

Enhance chances of successful regulatory approval by hearing views from the FDA

Effectively scale up from clinical to commercial manufacturing with four clinical case studies on building and maintaining a robust ADC manufacturing CMO network from Pfizer

Successfully develop warheads with different mechanisms of action with lesson learned from PBDs at Spirogen

Overcome serum stability issues associated with thiol linked antibody drug conjugates using N-alkyl maleimides from MedImmune

Identify novel ADC targets which have improved internalisation at a higher frequency with insight from Genmab

Improve understanding of IgG limitations and discover validated alternative antibody formats with Roche

Improve pharmacokinetic understanding using cutting edge analytical and bioanalytical characterisation approaches from Pierre-Fabre

Maximise the ADC drug therapeutic window by learning how to effectively manage off-target toxicities with Bayer

Digest the latest clinical outcomes by reviewing results for the IMMU-132 Phase II for solid cancers which have had multiple prior therapies from Immunomedics

Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Earlybird until 18 Dec: Gold - conference & 2 workshops: EUR 3197
Earlybird until 18 Dec: Silver: Conference + 1 workshop: EUR 2798
Earlybird until 18 Dec: Bronze: Conference only: EUR 2299
Standard: Gold: Conference + 2 workshops: EUR 3497
Standard: Silver: Conference + 1 workshop: EUR 2998
Standard: Bronze: Conference only: EUR 2499
Workshop only: EUR 599

Speakers: Alain Beck, Anette Sommer, Antony Godwin, Arnaud Delobel, Bart De Goeij, Ben-fillippo Krippendorff, Brian Clark, Cecile Chalouni, Chris Lloyd, Christopher Leamon, Cynthia Wooge, Ph.D, Daryl Drummond, David Goldenberg, David Miao, David Thurston, Eric Lacoste, Fabian Brandl, Feng Tian, Francisco Ylera, Giulio Casi, Ian Evetts, Jackson Burton, James Munday, John Gebler, John Lambert, Justin Mason-Home, Maarten Postema, Maria Elena Guadagno, Martin Dyer, Matthew Meyer, Nathan Tumey, Nazzaerno Dimasi, Palani Palaniappan, Pernille Hemmingsen, Peter Lloyd, Petter Veiby, Phil Brandish, Philip Howard, Puja Sapra, Rakesh Dixit, Robert Lutz, Robert Lyon
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