2014 International Modern Agricultural Equipment & Technology Exhibition

Thank You And See You Next Year

We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
Exhibitors: 500 
Visitors: 20,000 

「AgriEquip 2014」(2014 International Modern Agricultural Equipment & Technology Exhibition) will be held in December 4th-6th, 2014 at Beijing Exhibition Center. 「AgriEquip」belongs to 「ModernAgri」’s professional sub-exhibitions, which is initiated by HNZ MEDIA, Agrisources Web, Equipmentsource Web and Modern Agriculture Magazine, host by Protected Horticulture Engineering Committee, CSAE, CAAMM, Protected Agriculture Equipment Branch, aims at furthering the technology cooperation and trade development in agri-equipment filed.

「AgriEquip」focues on kinds of agricultural equipment/machineries & components and parts. This three days event will bring together enterprises and experts related with the agricultural equipment sector from all around the world and offer them a perfect platform to network with each other, by showing the latest technology & products. 「AgriEquip」will provide a high quality platform for information exchange and trade cooperation in agricultural equipment filed. We invite and warm-welcome related attandees to participate in our event from all over the world!

By「AgriEquip 2014」, You Will Get:

New Market
「AgriEquip 2014」 is the most important event in the field of agricultural technology and the most influential international agricultural machinery exhibitions in Asia. In this 3 days exhibition, attendees from all over the world like USA, Germany, England, France, Spain, Russia, Canada, India, Japan, Korea, Australia ect who have investment and cooperation plan will attend this event, which will bring you the worldwide market opportunity.

New Customers
The 3-days exhibition will attract 80,000 people from more than 20 countries and regions in which 79% is purchasing decision makers or having the purchasing recommendation rights, about 31% has obvious purchasing plan. By attending 「AgriEquip 2014」, you can not only display your latest products and solutions to regular customers, but also find new customers.

Trade Platform
「AgriEquip 2014」 is the best platform for sharing the latest products, technology and leading the industry trend. This is a unique opportunity to compare technologies and their impact on the quality of work of the individual machines , or even a comparison of different technologies . What’s more, abundant activities will be held cocurrently including theme reports, technical seminars, purchase fairs, and new products launch to help you meet decision makers and the new technology and product's innovation idea.
As the most influential event of Asia in agricultural machinery field, 「AgriEquip 2014」will bring together a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad in agri-equipment industry, dispalying the latest tech and products.

· By Visiting「AgriEquip」 You Can...:

-Communicate face to face with manufacturers, suppliers and experts from China and around the world

-Find and establish new partners and suppliers

-Development and maintenance of your existing customer relationships

-Learn about new trends

-Participate in seminars, followed by the latest market developments

-Comprehensive understanding of the latest innovative products and technologies

-In our high-end meetings, and industry professionals to update your knowledge networks together
Exhibitor Profile:

Power Machinery (Tractor, Internal Combustion Engine, Internal Combustion Engine-Generator Sets);
Mechanical Tillage (Conservation Tillage Machineries, etc.);
Fertilizer Plant Machineries (Sowing Machineries, Seedling Equipment);
Field Management Machineries Micro Farming Machine,); Garden Machineries (Brush Breaker, Cropper, etc.);Plant Protection Machineries; Mechanical Facilities of Irrigation and Drainage;
Harvesting Machineries (Grain HarvestingMachineries, Corn Harvesting, Machineries, Forage Crop Harvesting Machineries, Stalk Collecting and Processing Machineries, etc. ); Post-Harvest Processing Machineries (Drying Machines, etc.);
Grain & Oil & Agro-Food Processing Machineries, Fruit & Vegetable Deep-Processing Machineries, Preservation & Transport & Storage Equipment/Devices;
Agricultural Transportation Machineries (Transportation Machines; Loading Machines, etc.);
Rural Renewable Energy Utilization Equipment (Biomass Energy Equipment, etc.);
Farmland Basic Construction Machineries (Bulldozing, Ditching, Excavating Machineries, etc.);
Protected Agricultural Equipment; Special Machineries (Packing Machines, etc.);
Precision Agriculture Equipment, Agricultural Aircraft;
Livestock & Aquaculture Machineries;
Digital Manufacturing Equipment (Laser Cutting, Laser Welding, CNC Bending Equipment, etc.);
Internal Combustion Engine Parts, Hydraulic Parts, Gears, Chains, Transmission Parts, Agri-Machinery Accessories;
Kinds of Accessories, Processing & Maintenance Equipment, Tools, Appliance;
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Aug 12, 2014
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"AgriEquip" 「AgriEquip 2014」 will hold activities like visit groups, purchasing seminars, technical seminars ect. to provide opportunities to meet VIP cutomers. At the same time, 「AgriEquip... more
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