Carbon Zero Expo 2019

Venue: Korea International Exhibition Center - KINTEX, Goyang-si, Korea, South
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Exhibitors: 300 
Visitors: 30,000 


Event Name : 2019 International Carbon Zero Expo & Conference

Host : International Carbon Zero Expo Organizing Committee


Time : 10:00~17:00, June 19 (Weds.) ~ 21 (FRI.), 2019

Venue : Exhibition Hall 4,5, KINTEX 1, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Exhibition Hall Plan(Expected)

 • Korea Carbon Zero producthall

 • Carbon Zero City localgovernment/related organization hall

 • Carbon point system andeco-mileage hall

 • Carbon Zero City localgovernment hall

 • Renewable energy andalternative energy hall, Microgrid and smartgrid hall, Carbon Zero transportand shipping hall, Carbon reduction absorption system and solutions hall, Zero Energyhouse and building hall, Carbon Zero product hall

 •Carbon Zero job counseling hall

Accompanying Events(Expected)

 • International Carbon ZeroIndustry Forum

 • Carbon Zero Idea ProductDevelopment’ competition and award ceremony

 • Carbon Point SystemUtilization competition and award ceremony

Simultaneous Events

 • EXPO olar PV Korea 2019

 • ESS EXPO 2019

1.  2. Renewable energy and alterna tive energy hall: Solar cell (heat) generation and monitoring system, geothermal heatgeneration and monitoring system, biomass generation and monitoring system,wind power generation and monitoring system, marine energy (tidal power, wavepower, sea water temperature and salinity gradient generation) and monitoringsystem, bio gas generation and monitoring system, smart water managementsystem, waste resource and resource circulation products, thermohygrostatdevices, waste heat and energy efficient facilities, etc.

3. Low carbon emission vehicles, transport andshipping hall : Electric cars and charging service, electric bus, hybrid car,hydrogen car, electric bicycle,
eco-driving products, etc.

4. Microgrid and smartgrid hall : Energy storage system(ESS), energy management system (EMS), convergence dispersed generation, ICTimplementation technology, IoT and big data products, etc.

Why Exhibit atCarbon Zero Expo?

Showcase : Newbusiness creation in regard to the low carbon industry, and
sustainable target marketing for potential buyers.
Network :Network building as the leading company in the carbon energy
industry, and direct business with customers.
Communication:One-stop shop for technology, market and policy information
for sustainable business creation through communications with decision-makers
for government policy and related industries.
Brand :Increased market share and strengthened brand image as the market
leader in the low carbon industry.
Keep in Touch :Place for continuous meetings with current and potential

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