Thank You And See You Next Year

We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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Exhibitors: 265 
Visitors: 12,599 

Trade Fair addressed to professional attendees: wholesaler, chain stores, department stores, retailers, franchised stores, etc. focused on baby & child care. About 90% of the Spanish market are exhibitors of CERO A CUATRO.
Most of Feria Valencia competitions are aimed at trade visitors .

For input card can register at the website of the event you want to attend. Follow the instructions and you will normally receive the address provided input card. Depending on the show it can not only facilitate access without having to queue, but also obtain free admission or a significant discount.

To access a fair course must complete the "entry card" (small tab that certain data requested that professional / business) and deliver it to one of the visitor registration counter, you will find at the entrance of Fair. It is also advisable to accompany your business card. Some fairs also requires payment of an amount, which varies by event.

Then receive a swipe card " Card-Feria Valencia "(or Feria Valencia-Card), which allows access to the fair

In public fairs , usually simply purchase the admission ticket to go directly to the contest.

Feria Valencia is one of the largest and most complex in Europe combining modern design, art, extensive provision of services and large capacity.

To receive information about contests or participate in a particular fair, should contact the institution grounds, whether in person, by phone, fax or by email.

After deciding on participation in any of the contests have to complete the " Application Form "of the relevant fair, can be ordered by phone, email or web page descargándosela of each event. Follow the instructions and do not hesitate to contact the institution to Any doubt that may arise.

Based on this application will be assigned a space, according to their interests, and be provided with the necessary documentation to issue the request require the services during the event (electric power, furniture, carpet, telephone, passes, etc. .). You must send the request to advance to sufiente from the Service Centre's request to be managed properly.

The stands type have an area of ​​16 m2. (4 x 4m.), So it can engage a stand with the aforementioned dimensions or is a multiple of said surface (16 m, 32, 48, 64, 80, etc.). In most fairs, you can have the same space exposure to the previous edition if you want, and we will reserve this right until the time limit set limit. From that time the space is available to assign to other exhibitors. Since the show is submitted additional information of interest and clarifies the doubts or problems that can arise (stand construction, decoration, transportation of goods, loading and unloading, schedules, custom, etc..)

Participating in a trade show is not as complicated or as expensive as you might think, especially when compared with other communication tools. What is necessary is to carry out proper planning and preparation, have the appropriate professional staff, and conveniently combining their presence at the fair with other marketing tools to optimize your investment.
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