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Exhibitors: 100 
Visitors: 8,000 

HITEX presents the first ever exposition in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, dedicated to electricity devices.In keeping with the energy needs of our times, the event will bring under one roof the latest products and technologies related to energy efficient, environment friendly and sustainable devices and products for the industrial and consumer markets.

It all comes together at Electri Expo 2013.

Switch On - Energy Efficiency

India's energy industry is gearing up for the future.
The exponential increase in power consumption will lead to a substantial increase in demand for energy efficient electrical equipment.
By 2021, India's power consumption is estimated to increase to approximately 1300 TWh from the 2011 estimate of approximately 700 TWh. The 12th Five-Year Plan forecasts the energy demand to grow at 6% per annum and electricity capacity to expand by 100 GW. The Government of India in its FY2012-13 budget announced its focus on giving incentives and measures to help the power sector to grow and meet the estimated future demand. It is also expected that the power industry will usher in huge investments in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution. India's power deficit presents a huge challenge and a huge opportunity not just for traditional energy providers, but also for alternative and sustainable energy sources.

Increasing domestic demand for electrical equipment
The demand for electrical equipment in India is expected to witness significant expansion on the back of the growth of the power sector. The government is likely to add around 78 GW and 100 GW, respectively, under its Twelfth and Thirteenth Five Year Plans. Investment required for the Twelfth Five Year Plan period in the generation and T&D segment is expected to be US$ 85 bn in generation, US$ 45 bn in transmission and US$ 70 bn in distribution. Based on investment estimates and capacity addition targets, it is expected that the domestic demand for generation equipment (BTG) will be in the range of US$ 25-30 bn by 2022, while that of the T&D equipment industry will be US$ 7075 bn.

It's time for Efficient Energy Systems to step in
A new system using alternative energy, including solar, wind and biomass, is fast emerging as a popular means of generating electricity in India.

Despite the aggressive plans for generation and transmission capacity augmentation, the current energy infrastructure is insufficient to achieve the desired demand. In fact, India faces an average energy and peak shortages to the extent of 12% and 11% respectively. The country's deficit in power is the biggest infrastructure constraint to the economy. The way forward is going to be an uphill task, requiring significant commitments from the government and the industry to provide alternative and efficient energy at an unprecedented scale, and consumers to take up energy efficient measures in their buying and usage behaviors.

Thrust to reduce energy intensity and increase energy conservation
To optimize awareness about usage of Energy Efficiency products, The Government of India set up Bureau of Energy Efficiency with a mandate to assist in developing policies and strategies with a thrust on self-regulation and market principles, within the overall framework of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001. The primary objective of Bureau of of Energy Efficiency is to reduce energy intensity of the Indian economy which can be achieved with active participation of all stakeholders, resulting in accelerated and sustained adoption of energy efficiency in all sectors.
Government of India has taken few important initiatives towards energy conservation which includes depreciation allowance at 100% in the first year on certain energy saving devices and systems and reduction of custom duty is applicable on specified equipment / devices used in the industry and soft loans from financial institutions are also available for technology up gradation and introduction of energy conservation measures.

As the energy efficiency is the need of the hour, there is a tremendous scope for the alternative energy like solar, wind and biomass in some of the important sectors like home, office, transportation and industrial.

Energy saved is energy gained.
Energy-efficient and environmentally-superior products will drive the market for electric devices here on.
According to Assocham, energy-efficient electrical appliances can save over Rs 1.2 lakh crore annually for India. Energy-efficient electrical appliances used in household and commercial establishments can save about 20,000 MW of power per year, resulting in savings of capital investment on new power plants besides transmission and distribution infrastructure, according to power sector experts.
On the consumer's side, representing a thriving economy and a growing middle class, India is one of the world's most active markets. Conscious of the severe electricity shortage and the inefficient use of power, Indian consumers are fast turning to Efficient Electric End-use Devices (EEDs) for their homes and small businesses. A lot of global manufacturers of EEDs have already entered the Indian market. Similarly, many Indian firms are collaborating with counterparts in other countries, while some are relying on their own R&D, to develop the next generation of EEDs. Some of these product categories include lighting, air conditioning, refrigerating, cabling, green technology, etc.
Visitors Profile 2013

Business investment experts
CEOs and other senior corporate personnel
Consultancy service providers
Decision making authorities
Electricity regulators
Engineers & Techno crats
EPS contractors
Financial institution
Government executives
High profile purchasing agents
Indian and foreign business delegates
Industry association & Trade delegation from India & abroad
Industry experts
Material suppliers
Members of state electricity boards
Power trading companies
Private utility professionals
Product traders
Safety professionals
Sourcing personnel
State electricity boards / Utilities

Exhibitor Profile 2013

Energy Saving
Energy Saving Devices
Metering Devices and Solutions

Power Generation, Transformation and Storage
Electric drives
Batteries and Cells
Uninterrupted Power Supply
Equipment & technologies for alternate sources of energy (Solar, Wind..)

Power Transmission and Distribution
Distribution equipment
Cabling and wiring products
Insulation materials
Package transformer sub-stations
Low-voltage switching devices
Disconnector switches for internal and external installations
Low-voltage electrical devices and fittings: switches, electricity supply casing, wall sockets, connectors, adaptors, magnetic starters and other electro-technical installation products
Measurement, regulating and control equipment
Protective automatic machinery and automation systems

Electrical Engineering
Cables and leads, cable routing systems, distribution and joining material
Electrical installation equipment and systems
Fixed installation electrical equipment
Reception antennae and broadband distribution technology
Measuring and testing devices, measuring technology
IT systems for the electrical trade
Operating, storage and erection equipment
Power distribution equipment
Miscellaneous electrical engineering equipment and components
Safety systems and devices

House and building automation
Facility management
Integrated façade technology
Glazing and Sun shade / protection technology
Daylight technology
Photovoltaic systems
Air-conditioning and ventilation systems
Field devices and components
Control systems
Parking Systems
Security Systems & Devices
Boom Barriers

Lighting solutions
Light Fixtures and accessories
Decorative lighting
Garden & Campus Lighting
Electric lamps
Electrical and electronic components and accessories for lighting systems

Devices, Gadgets & Appliances
Lifts & Escalators
Air-conditioning Systems
Chillers & AHUs
Cooling Towers
Water Heaters
Electrical Appliances
Voltage Stabilizers
Exhaust Systems
Electric Chimneys
Water Purifiers & RO Plants
Water Softeners

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