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We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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Exhibitors: 800 
Visitors: 54,000 

10th International specialized exhibition for manufacturers of architectural and building glass, manufacture and processing equipment, and raw materials and accessories for the glass industry

The technologies embodied in glass

Annual January exhibition «PRIMUS: ARCHITECTURAL GLASS» invariably collects all manufacturers of architectural and building glass, the equipment for its manufacture and processing, and also raw materials and accessories for glass branch. The X International Сongress «WINDOWS.DOORS.FACADE SYSTEMS.ARCHITECTURAL GLASS» held within the exhibition personify centre of the newest industrial technologies and the equipment for architectural and building glass manufacture, processing, transportation and application. The all-Ukrainian contests «Virtuoso of Glass», «Best Architectural Designs» and «Equipment And Tools For Glass Processing» held within the exhibition allow to share the advanced experience and name leaders of the branch. The following meeting of science and manufacture will take place at the exhibition «PRIMUS: ARCHITECTURAL GLASS 2013»!

Industry Leaders in sphere of architectural and building glass are «PRIMUS: ARCHITECTURAL GLASS» exhibition and the X International Congress "WINDOWS.DOORS.FACADE SYSTEMS.ARCHITECTURAL GLASS". The Association of translucent constructions manufacturers of Ukraine support this event. Additionally, seminars, conferences and "round tables" on the most pressing questions of the industry, all are the best platform and tribune for exchange of opinions and development of business, and many determine the present and future of the construction glass. The exhibition would not be complete without various contests: IX All-Ukrainian Contest BEST ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION, VI All-Ukrainian Contest EQUIPMENT AND TOOLS FOR GLASSWORK, VIII All-Ukrainian Contest GLASS VIRTUOSOS.
Venue and Opening Time

Official opening:
22 January 2013 at 11:00
KyivExpoPlaza exhibition center,
2b, Salutna St., Kiev, Ukraine

Dates of Work: 22 - 25 January 2013

Tuesday 11:00 - 17:30
Wednesday 10:00 - 17:30
Thursday 10:00 - 17:30
Friday 10:00 - 14:30

Official air carrier: STAR ALLIANCE NETWORK

Your stand plan*

*Equipped exhibition area
The area is assembled according to individual stand plans and any additional technical facilities and services.The plan of your stand and orders for extra equipment should be sent to the Organizers technical department above at least 1 month before the opening day of the exhibition.The “Octanorm or other similar stand system, made of mild aluminum with white milk-colored laminated panels will be used to construct stands. Each wall panel is 250 cm in height and about 100 cm wide (including top and bottom rods). The visible size of the wall panel is approximately 95 х 235 cm. The height of the frieze panel is 30 sm.Wall and fascia panels, as well as other additional parts of stand constructions, should be returned after the exhibition in the original undamaged condition. All equipment should be cleaned of oracle, ribbon, glue, tape, etc.

*Unequipped exhibition area
The stand drawing indicating all dimensions including height should be submitted to the Organizers’ technical department for approval at least 2 months prior to the beginning of assembly. Connection points for any ordered power supplies, water supplies, telephone lines etc. should be clearly indicated on the drawings.The organizers do not supply fascia panels and do not assemble fascia panels on the stands of exhibitors who order unequipped space.The Exhibitor and / or a company-developer of your stand places the Exhibitor’s name and stand number on fascia panels made by him or on any other part of the stand.Connection of any ordered power supply cables and connections and structures of independently developed stand is performed only with test and measurement statements of wiring insulation resistance completed in accordance with the rules for supplying power Installations by the Organization duly licensed for this purpose.

*Outdoor exhibition space (Space Only)
Please note that outdoor exhibition spaces are not equipped with any shed or shelter in case of bad weather. That’s why we strongly recommend you to prepare and install your tents beforehand.In ordering outdoor exhibition space it is very important to consider bringing necessary furniture, and advertising exhibition structures and elements (stands for price lists and exhibits, panels with logos and your company names, etc).

*Additional facilities, office equipment and furniture
Additional furniture, kitchen equipment, lighting etc. can be ordered by registration.Attention! The Organizers reserve the right not to except your order if it has been sent after the deadline or the ordered equipment is not available.Exhibitors can bring their own furniture, office appliances and other necessary equipment.

*Design and construction of exclusive stands
For your convenience and efficiency we strongly recommend ordering design and construction of exclusive stands from organizers of the exhibition. Questions related to these issues should be discussed with our Ukrainian office:

Primus Ukraine
6-"Be" Gerojiv Stalingradu Ave
04210, Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine
Tel: +380 44 537 6999
Fax: +380 44 537 6996
Contact Name: Vladimir Kuznetzov

Note: If the participant chooses to develop and construct the exclusive stand himself, or uses a 3rd party contractor, the participant or contractor MUST receive official accreditation to get the right to perform works at the exhibition center. More details are available in the participant’s manual.

*Power supply for stands of all types
Plug socket installation to equipped and unequipped spaces, as well as to outdoor areas, is not included in the exhibition site costs.You can order the installation of plug sockets on equipped stands, as well as an electrical power supply with plug socket installation (or if necessary with installation of a switch board) and additional kWs on unequipped areas and outdoor spaces online. The standard plug socket is up to 1 kW. If your total power consumption is more than 1 kW, you should indicate, order, and pay for additional kilowatts (kWs) in advance.If you need a high-powered electrical connection, you should order it and pay for it in advance. If your power consumption exceeds 2 kW and more, it is required to order the installation of several plug sockets. At a power consumption more than 5 kW the system will offer you to install a switchboard and cable to the power source.So ordering the power supply please indicate:
• necessary quantity of connection points;
• electricity parameters (220V or 380V);
• total power consumption (kW).

*Water supply and drainage
Services for water-supply connections, installation of a sink and a boiler at your stand can be provided subject to the availability of technical resources. Each such order must be coordinated first with the Organizers.

Package & boxes storage
There are storage rooms in the exhibition center that you can order for your packages and boxes for the exhibition period.

Fire safety
All Exhibitors should strictly follow the fire safety rules. The presence of fire extinguishers at the Exhibitor’s stand is compulsory if highly inflammable materials are present.

Each morning before the exposition opening, aisles between stands are cleaned. All refuse left in plastic bags, waste baskets or boxes near your stand on the previous day will be also removed. You can order individual cleaning of your stand.Exhibition sites should be left clean after the exhibition. Expenses for cleaning of abandoned refuse are the responsibility of Exhibitors.

Temporary personnel
If you order additional personnel in any way other than through the Organizers, make sure that all employees of your company working at the stand have their badges and passes. Please note that your own security will not be allowed on the exhibition center premises at night.

Ordered services should be paid promptly after ordering.

Late orders. Orders placed during assembly
Orders placed during assembly are subject to a 100% surcharge and will be carried out only upon receipt of:
• payment of the invoice issued by the Organizers,
• or the deposit. Please note that in this case the required equipment may be unavailable and some services may remain undelivered.



If you decide to register your participation, choose the space application contract below, fill it in on your PC, print it and send it to the organizers by fax to confirm your participation in the exhibition.
Note: this way of your registering your participation does not secure automatic selection of the stand in the exhibition hall and its priority booking. To fill in the application contract on your PC you need Acrobat Reader 7.0. Complete the blank form by neatly and plainly printing and filling in by hand, using capital letters so all text can be accurately identified and used for computer registration and entry in the preliminary list for the official exhibition catalogue.You can view information about the exhibition through the “Details” link at the top of this page. It is summarized briefly as an information letter that can be printed for your own use.

Primus Exhibitions Group
Primus Exhibitions Group
Toronto, Canada
International exhibition corporation Primus Exhibitions Group became famous worldwide o
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