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Hospital Infrastructure India 2010 will set the standards and pave the way for such a platform, which will bring the health care planners, engineers, architects of major health care building projects together with the hospital suppliers of the best services in planning, design, building, operations, management and refurbishment of hospital facilities. This event is the region?s only international exhibition dedicated to help the health care community to build a sustainable and profitable hospital infrastructure and will deliver an international quality exhibition showcasing products, solutions and services across all areas of the health care infrastructure industry.
The monumental boom in the building and development of government & private hospitals and medical facilities requires a world class forum with multi-track content across the breadth of this expanding sector.

Hospital Build & Infrastructure India Exhibition & Congress brings you the ultimate networking event where you only meet with the leaders and decision makers in the industry. Hospital Build & Infrastructure India delivers end-to-end hospital facility products and services under one umbrella.

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The Delhi-NCR as a region has seen a continuous upward trend in terms of development of infrastructure and services over the last decade, with corporate healthcare establishments setting up their base and expanding within this highly lucrative region.

According to the Director of FICCI, "Delhi is an expanding urban conglomeration. We see an increase in the population coming to Delhi from all over the country and the world, as it is the most accessible city for the Indian population and international markets."

Many of the leading corporate organisations and major medical groups such as Fortis, Max Healthcare, Artemis Hospital and Apollo Group of Hospitals have established their base there, and map out continual expansion plans to match the rate of demand from the region's growing population.

A major chunk of the patient population in the Delhi-NCR region comes from medical tourism as it is a commercial hub and very central and accessible from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and other neighboring states, making it a complete package for patients from around the India and the world as well.

Hospital Build & Infrastructure India Exhibition & Congress is the only regional platform dedicated to showcasing and promoting current and future Indian healthcare projects; bringing together the investors, commissioners, backers and managers of these projects with key suppliers, planners, designers, builders, architects and service suppliers in a unique and focused business-to-business setting.

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