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What are crude oil and natural gas prices likely to be in the future, and how will they affect your business?

International crude oil prices had been high and stable for years, until recently. North American crude prices had also been relatively high, but unstable, and North American natural gas prices tended to be stable at relatively low levels.

What will the future bring? Are international crude oil prices likely to rise or fall in the coming years? Will North American crude prices be more or less unstable? Is there much upside potential for North American natural gas demand and pricing? How will these potential price movements affect the outlook for the Canadian oil and gas industry?

The Conference Board's Oil and Gas Summit is bringing together respected national and international experts—many of whom rarely speak in Canada—to help answer these critical questions.

Learn more about the forces affecting oil and gas pricing in the months and years ahead.

The experts will discuss developments worldwide, and their impact on the Canadian oil and gas scene:

Big picture market fundamentals, including oil and natural gas prices in the short to medium term
Major geopolitical events affecting prices, including the New Cold War and the rise of ISIS
Sustainability of the U.S. shale oil and gas revolution—a debate between Ed Morse and Bill Powers
Views on Canadian oil and gas development, including the Chinese perspective of the industry

Learn from the experiences and insights of senior analysts, thought leaders, and your peers.

Connect with other oil and gas executives, and find out how they’re dealing with the common challenges you face. Share your thinking on the issues, and ask the experts for their perspectives on your top questions.

The event will be open to a maximum of 100 delegates. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear about the latest issues, and meet senior Canadian and international oil and gas analysts and decision-makers.
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