2014 People in Energy East

Thank You And See You Next Year

We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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Visitors: 120 

In a hugely competitive market reliant on finely honed technical skills and knowledge, it’s crucial you’re adopting innovative approaches to attract and retain top talent. Competing in a global market, organizations in the East must customize culturally appropriate approaches to talent where a “one-size-fits-all” approach does not work.

TMA’s 2nd Annual People in Energy East conference will help you to develop practical talent management frameworks for your region that can be implemented in your organization, providing measurable results for the challenges you face.

Regional and international experts at the highest levels will provide you with case studies and proven methodologies of how to overcome talent management issues in your region including:

- How to leverage HR as a catalyst for business growth
- Innovative ways to build a balanced and robust talent pipeline
- Strategies to enhance the localization of your workforce
- How to attract and develop the best candidates in a highly competitive environment
- Maximizing the use of the expatriate workforce
- Creating effective systems for knowledge transfer

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