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We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year
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About the 5th Annual People in Energy Summit
Oil and gas companies have increasingly relied on complex data to delve into the Earth’s geology and find energy resources thousands of feet below the surface. They have turned to numbers when analyzing prospective acquisitions, capital expenditures and other investments. Yet, when it comes to managing their workforces, oil and gas companies have not yet adopted the quantitative rigor that they use so effectively across their businesses.
At a time when technological innovation and globalization are ushering in a new era of industry growth, large segments of the workforce are reaching retirement age, and with potential recruits from educational institutions remaining scarce, the competition for talent can now be as significant as the focus to find new resources.
Rising global demand and skyrocketing prices are encouraging companies to invest in both conventional oil exploration and unconventional energy projects. The demand for energy continues to grow and will not stop anytime soon. Yet in recent years the energy industry has failed to recruit or retain sufficient human capital to assure enough career employees will be available to meet requirements for management succession. Nor have energy industries been able to attract a new generation of energy workers who would be capable to work in and manage the more diverse new technologies that will increasingly be needed to complement and later replace traditional methods of energy generation.
The 5th Annual People in Energy Summit will feature insightful and practitioner led sessions to address the talent shortage, Big Crew Change and other talent management issues facing the industry in today’s global economy. Learn from the best on: global recruiting, engagement and retention strategies, customization of talent management approaches, surfing the wave of HR analytics, leveraging experienced talent and stopping the brain drain.

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