The Regina Body Soul & Spirit Expo

Regina Body Soul & Spirit Expo

Join us for a weekend of inspiration and empowerment that brings together the best of health, well-being,ancient wisdom, complementary medicine, holistic therapies, spirituality, new consciousness and more.
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Exhibitors: 60 
Visitors: 4,500 
Floor Size: 21,000 sq. feet 

The Body Soul & Spirit Expo is please to announce it's 2nd year in the events new location - the Queensbury Conference Centre, EVRAZ Place, and it's 13th year (we think 13 is Lucky) in Regina!

With more space we are now able to offer Regina a more exciting program of lectures and workshops, as well as a wider selection of exhibits including more fitness, green living, nutritional and health exhibits along with many of our past exhibits from intuitive arts, healing arts, crystals, new thought, personal growth and the many other exhibits that the public has enjoyed for the past nine years the event has been hosted in Regina

This year we will be featuring more FEATURED WORKSHOPS and KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS by BEST SELLING AUTHORS, International Experts and Speakers - thanks to the availability of workshop and seminar space provided at our new location. We look forward to seeing you there!
Body Soul & Spirit: Expo
Body Soul & Spirit: Expo
Vancouver, Canada
The Body Soul & Spirit Expo showcases products, services and resources for growth, and
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