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We would like to thank all the organizations, our sponsors, Exhibitors, visitors and all the supporting staff for making our event an overhelming success with space currently reserved for next year

The focus of ‘Smart Cities’ Exhibition and Conference will be on intelligent transport, building management and automation, ICT technology implementation in the overall urban activity.

Today, 80 % of the Europeans live in cities. They occupy only about 2% of the land area, but they consume 75% of resources and emit 80% CO2. It is really important to change the way we cosume and produce. The intelligent vision of the cities can be a reality through wider introduction of advanced solutions. ‘Smart Cities’ will indentify the path towards the sustainable urban development in South-East Europe.

It will attract representatives of institutions, municipalities, branch organizations, private companies, providing interactivity and networking between them.

Energy & Sustainability
● Energy Management, Smart Grid
● Energy Storage
● Decentralized Renewable Energy Production

Mobility and transport
● New Energy Vehicle
● Charging Station
● Intelligent Transport
● Parking & ticket machines

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Smart Cities
● City in the Cloud
● Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
● ICTs for Utilities
● ICTs for Healthcare and Social Services

Sustainable built environment
● Green Building
● Waste Management

Intelligent Emergency Management
● Emergency City Services

Smart Buildings
● Building Automation Systems (BAS): Lighting, Electric Systems and Appliances; Communication Systems; HVAC Management Systems; Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance; Fire Systems
● Building Management Systems (BMS)
● Building Information Modeling (BIM)
● Passive Houses
● Services: Software, Data, Telephony & CATV, etc.
Target audience: all decision makers working in field: Architecture and Construction; Power Engineering; Renewable Energy; Automation, Electronics Engineering; HVAC; IT & Telecommunication; State and Municipal Administration; Transport and Logistics; Financing and Investment; Research and Development Centers; Universities; Associations and Media.

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Maya Kristeva (organizer)
Jan 13, 2015
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"Technological upgrade is running across the cities in South-East Europe" The process of ‘Smarting up' the cities is at its early stage in South-East Europe. Targets for low carbon economy and higher resource efficiency encourage businesses and... more
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  New Exhibitors in Smart Cities 2015 The process of ‘Smarting up' the cities is at its early stage in South-East Europe. Targets for low carbon economy and higher resource efficiency encourage businesses and municipalities in the Region to speed up their investments in the energy and transport sector, buildings and infrastructure.