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Exhibition Place is an integral component of Toronto and Ontario's economy, particularly with respect to sport, festivals, recreation, culture and tourism. Embracing the future and the past, Exhibition Place is a world leader in emerging green technologies and is home to almost half of Toronto's historical structures.

Doing business with Exhibition Place
Exhibition Place, operating under Municipal public sector purchasing processes, procures a broad spectrum of products, materials and services. This means that there are business opportunities available to you as a vendor. Some of the items and services purchased by the Exhibition Place include:

· Computer Supplies and Equipment
· Telecom Supplies and Equipment
· Electrical Supplies
· Hardware and Tools
· Office Furniture
· Trade and Consumer Show/Event Furnishings
· Uniform Clothing
· Safety Clothing
· Appliances
· Asphalt Paving
· Building Renovations
· Construction Services
· Elevator Services
· Electrical Services
· HVAC Services
· Painting Services
· Tenders - Construction
· Professional Services
· Consulting Services
· Engineering Services
· Equipment Supplies and Services
· Security Services
· LEED materials and supplies

To obtain more information on some of these opportunities contact Purchasing Services at 416-263-3630 or

As an agency of the City of Toronto, Exhibition Place participates in cooperative procurement with the City. Venders should also visit the city of Toronto’s web site for these additional opportunities.
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